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“I went to see Wiktor after finding myself with a very painful hamstring from a previous injury. Within our first short session, I felt a dramatic improvement – a huge relief from the pain I was suffering from.

I work in a very physical job and seeing Wiktor regularly helps to keep my body in one piece whilst dealing with the tolls and demands on set.”


“Victor is an accomplished massage therapist with a natural ability to suss out your weak spots and ailments and getting to the source of them. I regularly saw him during an intensely stressful time at work and I am not exaggerating when I say my sessions with him got me through it. Victor is professional and naturally makes you feel at ease. I particularly like that he is constantly adapting to my needs and does not just use the same techniques. Highly recommend!”


“Wiktor is amazing! I’ve recommended him to all my friends, and everyone is saying the same thing. I’ve already had a couple of sessions with him and every single one was great. My body feels incredibly rejuvenated, and I usually book another session straight away. I always request near a 10 on a scale of 1–10 when asked how much pressure I prefer, and he did a fantastic job. It was one of the best massages I’ve ever had. I will definitely be back!”


“I came in for a 90 min deep tissue massage with Wiktor. My massage was amazing. Great pressure, excellent technique. I wish I could come every week. The facility is really nice and spacious. I found my new go-to for a massage.”


“I am a professional MMA fighter. I came to Wiktor when I was diagnosed with a rupture of my ACL. Wiktor was steady and careful when it was looking at my knee. After every session with him, I felt subtle improvements in the functionality of my knee. He provided me with exercises and stretches, which made me feel comfortable in ranges that I previously had difficulty with. Wiktor was a massage therapist, physio and strength coach all in one, which I found extremely helpful. The regular massages I received from Wiktor focused on my ACL, and the main purpose was to provide comfort to the muscles around the ACL and allow the ACL/knee to be comfortable at all ranges. After working with Wiktor for five months, I went back to my knee specialist and MRI scan. To my surprise, my ACL tissue had healed, and I was not required to have any further surgery. I continued with Wiktor shortly after this and was able to compete in Amsterdam.”


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